Art in Augmented Reality


Art in Augmented Reality (AR) is a challenge that invites all ASU undergraduate students to express their creativity through an emerging digital medium: augmented reality (see below). The AR experience will be enabled through a Lux app that will be developed specifically for this purpose. All participants will be supported throughout the process, and one winner will be nominated by Lux editors and chosen by outside judges to receive a reward from Lux sponsors. 

The purpose of the Art in AR challenge is to provide an outlet for all ASU undergraduates to express themselves through digital artistic work and to encourage exploration with new mediums and more modern definitions of what it means to be art. We also provide opportunities to help students along their personal and professional journeys, connecting them with further support and activities that help them become their best selves in the creative sphere.

What does it look like

  • Art in AR Challenge requires using marker based AR experience: digital content (video, animation, images, 3D or other) should be attached to another physical piece of content (a target image). 

  • We will create an app that allows anyone to use a phone camera to see your AR work when they direct it at your target image. 

  • Target images will be printed in Lux vol. 17 with an explanation of how to use our app, so anyone can enjoy the artwork!

Submission Format

Lux will be working with Unity (AR foundation or Vuforia Engine).

Your artwork will be required to have two parts:

  1. A target image (png, jpeg, tiff, psd, or gif)

  2. An augmented (digital) part which may consist of 3D models (in formats supported by Unity software) or of a Unity package.

You can find instructions on HOW TO SUBMIT

on our SUBMIT page for general categories

We will be happy to hear from you in an email: address any questions, ideas, and recommendations to

We are here to help and connect you with the necessary resources.