How can I submit art to Lux Magazine?

  1. Navigate to "Submit" page on our website
  2. Download and fill out the submission form
  3. Email us at attach your submission form and your work (always choose high-quality images/recordings, include links to outside storage if necessary)

What type of art does Lux accept?

Lux Undergraduate Creative Review accepts submissions in following categories:

  • Literary Arts (fiction, non-fiction, poetry)
  • Visual Arts (photography, paintings, drawings, sculptures, and film)
  • Performing Arts (dance, music)
  • Augmented reality (Unity projects)
If you have a question about your particular submission, please email

Is there a theme for Lux Volume 18 (2021-2022)

No, we strive to be inclusive and showcase diverse ideas and voices. We accept all forms and mediums of art.

How many art works can I submit?

As many works and to as many categories as you want!

Does Lux accept written works in languages other than English?

Yes! We welcome submissions in any language. Note: strive to submit works in languages other than English earlier than the indicated deadline, so that our editors have time to find a competent translator to help them review your work.


What is Lux Undergraduate Creative Review?

Lux Undergraduate Creative Review is an organization supported by ASU’s Barrett, the Honors College that showcases diverse, original art works created by talented udergraduate ASU students. These works may include:

  • Literary Arts (fiction, non-fiction, poetry)
  • Visual Arts (photography, paintings, drawings, sculptures, and film)
  • Performing Arts (dance, music)
  • Augmented Reality projects
Lux strives to help various perspectives, ideas, and voices to be heard. Uniting with artists and the community, the organization publishes an annual creative review to help artists share their art, meet others in their field, and celebrate their voices.

How can I become an editor at Lux?

If you wish to become an editor at Lux, you can apply for one of the positions at the end of the Spring semester. The application and other details will be published on our website and social media at the beginning of Spring. Editors hired in Spring will work in Lux during the subsequent academic year.

How do I join Lux?

There are many ways you can engage with Lux! First of all, consider submitting your creative work for our next annual publication. In addition, we host various events that are open to everyone in ASU. You can find the information about our next event on our social media (Instagram @luxcreativereview), on SunDevilSync, or through our newsletters. However, Lux Undergraduate Creative Review is not a club, and we do not accept new members through SunDevil Sync. Our weekly meetings are for internal staff only (if you wish to apply to be an editor, you can do so at the end of the Spring semester). Sign up for newsletters:


Where can I find a physical copy of previous year's review?

Some copies of Lux Vol 17 were distributed to several locations on all ASU campuses, but it is possible that they are not publicly available anymore. You can try checking these locations: 1. Burning B (Barrett Complex, Tempe) 2. Changemaker Central (Tempe, Poly, Downtown, and West) You can also ask for a copy at our events or during tabling (times and locations are announced on our social media: Instagram @luxcreativereview). Currently, we do not send out copies of any Lux issues through mail, but you can always access digital copies on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions