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Lux Undergraduate Creative Review vol.18 | 2021-2022


Our Story

Lux Undergraduate Creative Review is a pan-campus organization and annual magazine supported by ASU’s Barrett, the Honors College that showcases diverse, original pieces produced by astounding ASU artists. These pieces include:

  • Literary Arts (fiction and non-fiction writing + poetry)

  • Visual Arts (photographs, paintings, drawings, and sculptures, and film)

  • Performing Arts (dance and music)

Lux values creativity, diversity, and inclusion, striving to give ASU creatives an opportunity to share their perspectives, ideas, and voices with a broader audience among the ASU community. Uniting artists through our annual publication and semesterly events, Lux provides a platform for burgeoning creatives to grow and raise awareness. 

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Words from the Staff

Nonfiction is about going out and finding someone else, inhibiting their world, and representing it to readers. It is giving us a window into other peoples' hearts, souls, and minds. It doesn't matter what your subject is as long as there is energy there for you, and the way you captured the event or idea is appealing and holds the reader's attention.



Nonfiction Editor | Lux Vol. 17


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