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Augmented Reality works from Lux Vol 17

Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive method of presenting computer-generated information in the context of a real-world environment. This new technology allows artists to create new dimensions of art by linking classical with digital art.



You can fully experience the artwork by viewing its augmented reality extension:

  1. Download the Lux Vol 17 app from the Google Play Store and open the app on your phone or tablet.

  2. Point your device’s camera to the artwork and watch as it comes to life through the Lux Vol 17 app.

  3. Tap on the screen while viewing an artwork to engage with a game, take screenshots to share your experience.

ARt Emergency

Augmented Reality Art

Jocelyn Zaman

Instructions on how to play in case you get stuck:

1. Break or tap on the glass

2. Move or click and drag the tools to one of the first 2 slots of the shelf.

-- Tools will then be stored

3. Click on the tools to take them out of the shelf

4. Move or click and drag the tools to the middle of the block

5. Wait for animations

6. Continue to play by taking screenshots with your innovative ARt

How to obtain easter egg:

1. Click on third slot of shelf

2. A giant block should appear, so drag it down

3. It’ll take some time but it’s worth the time and effort

Are You Hungry?

Augmented Reality Art

Taetum Knebel

"AR art has become one of my many new fascinations since joining the Digital Culture program at ASU. I recently spent time learning about both how to create projects in AR and how to 3D model, so I was very excited to make a piece that allowed me to use both of these skills. This piece is a reflection of how I want to grow and learn more about 3D art and the strengths of it. I chose to make a stack of waffles because I wanted to create something that would really pop out of the page in true AR fashion, so a fresh stack of waffles on top of a flat plate came to mind. AR allows you to put something digital into the user’s visual space in an interesting way. Even though my piece is just a visual, I like how with the nature of AR putting objects into near-real space your brain can fill in the rest of the senses of what goes with a waffle: the smell, sound, and taste. I wanted to evoke the warm, nostalgic feeling of a Sunday morning breakfast with the satisfying syrup cascading down the waffles to put you at ease."

Taetum Knebel

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